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Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

One day the Dog Woman finds a baby boy by the river Thames. She takes him with her and cares for him as if he was her child. She names him Jordan and she knows he will leave one day. If you name a boy by a river, he’ll flow away like water. Jordan meets Tradescant, gardener to the king and eventually sails away, discovering new lands and coming back with fruits people have never seen. He keeps looking for a woman, who may not exist and he desperately wants to be a hero.

While researching the meaning of the title, I discovered that it means determining the gender of a cherry tree after grafting. It’s what Jordan does in the book and thinks about how he would like some of Tradescant grafted on him, so Jordan could be a hero like him. I saw grafting as a way of determining one’s identity after a person was searching for it. Jordan leaves England to become someone else, someone better. In the end he becomes a hero, but in another period, in another existence.

At the beginning of the book, …

Resna zima?

Ko sem bila majhna je bila zima taka kot bi morala biti. Zapadel je sneg, ki se je obdržal, škripalo je pod nogami, mraz je grizel v obraz, delali smo nežake, če pa nisi bil pozoren, so te okepali še preden si pomislil, da bi sam okepal koga drugega. Po navadi tistega, ki ti je bil všeč. Ne spomnim se, da bi bilo veliko opozoril o vetru in snegu, verjetno zato, ker je bilo to normalo za ta letni čas. Edina stvar, ki se je spomnim, je opozorilo o prepovedanem prometu na cesti Godovič - Črni vrh - Ajdovščina. 
Letošnja zima nam je privoščila nekaj dni s temperaturo pod ničlo. Saj ne, da bi bilo kaj resnega. Že prej je snežilo, potem se je stalilo v plundro in čez noč celo zmrznilo (ali pa tudi ni, kakor kdaj). Trenutno smo pod ničlo. Po svoje mi je všeč, čeprav nisem poseben ljubitelj zime. Nenehno prejemam sporočila o oranžnem (ali pa je morda rumen) alarmu za led in sneg. Malo smo pozabili kako je, ko se zgodi prava zima. Mile, abstraktne zime iz prejšnjih let so nas razvadile, čeprav …

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

I Let You Go is a crime novel, which begins with a traffic accident in which a five year old boy gets hit by a car. Ray and Kate are police officers in charge of the case, but they aren't able to find any leads to get them closer to resolving it. Jenna leaves town to disappear in a remote seaside village, however her past eventually catches up.

In the first part of the book the chapters alternate between Jenna's and Ray's point of view. The story seemed a bit slow. Jenna is getting used to her new life, Ray and Kate investigate the case without any progress unless their boss tells them to drop it and take on another case and solve it to benefit the police statistics. The story doesn't seem to be going anywhere, until the last pages of the first part when a massive twist happens. It seemed to me that the author took advantage of the fact that I blindly trusted an unreliable narrator. It served me right. In the second part of the book the third narrator was introduced: J…

In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende

When I was reading In the Midst of Winter it started snowing heavily where I live and I remember walking around the city on my lunch break, listening to the book on Audible. I used to read a lot of Isabel Allende and I remember liking her books.
At the beginning of the book a snow storm paralyses New York. Richard’s car hits Evelyn’s but she quickly drives off. Later she appears at his door. Because she speaks Spanish and Richard has difficulty understanding her, he calls Lucia, his downstairs neighbour / tenant to help. As it turns out Evelyn took her bosses car without permission which wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t a dead body in the trunk. They can’t call the police since Evelyn is an illegal immigrant and would be deported, so Lucia and Richard decide to help her get rid of the body. This story is sort of a frame inside which we learn of the life histories of the three protagonists.
I had a slight problem with the relationship of the frame of the story with the personal destin…

How Far Can I Go?

Last year I started to experiment with a single subject and a limited palette. I wanted to see how far I can go. How many paintings I can paint before my imagination runs out or I get fed up. So far I keep painting. Although the task is repetitive, since I keep drawing the same knot of letters and using the same orange and blue colours, there's something different in each painting. People I show them to seem to be a bit confused. Not by what they are seeing, I think they got used to it by now, but by the seemingly obscure reason behind it. Why would I want to paint the same thing over and over again? It's similar to mountain climbing. Why do people climb the same rocks? Because they aren't the same.

Lansko leto sem razmišljala o tem kako daleč lahko grem z istim motivom. Ne podobnim, ampak točno tem. Narisala sem ga na navaden papir, ki sem ga na hrbtni strani pobarvala z grafitnim svinčnikom, sedaj pa ga prenašam na akvarelni papir. Vedno enako, z istimi barvami pa venda…